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Designing for a rapidly changing world

Human-driven climate change is the moment’s greatest design challenge.

Through our emissions and consumer behaviors, we have all become unwitting designers of our environment. The negative impacts of this collective creativity are systemic and are interwoven with other “threat multipliers” (racism, misogyny, and xenophobia, to name a few). So too must our solutions be systemic and interwoven — and be hope multipliers. My specialty is service design for climate resiliency and social justice. I facilitate collaborative design processes that help businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies cohere around their goals and prepare for a more resilient and equitable future. If you’re interested in seeing some examples of my UX design for websites and mobile applications, please visit


Piero Taico

Piero Taico (Illinois Stewardship Alliance)

“Working with Shōkai was an absolute joy and a valuable learning experience. His expertise was evident from day one, and his commitment to professionalism was apparent. His ability to quickly adapt and learn our organization’s goals and structure was incredible and allowed for an incredibly productive relationship. After only a few meetings and conversations, Shōkai was about to analyze our websites pain points and practical, thoughtful recommendations on how to amend this issues, even some outside the scope of this particular project. Our final deliverable was a fantastic, high fidelity prototype that my team and I were incredibly happy with, and will be a useful tool moving forward with or website’s reorganization/redesign.”

Cindy Margulis (Golden Gate Audubon Society)

“Shokai is a very smart designer. They ask the most salient questions to understand the qualities desired in any project. Then they deliver elegant designs that deliver results and positive customer experiences. They are a pro, and you’ll be glad you hired him.”

Jorge Maya (Animal Liberation Conference)

“Shōkai is a talented designer who worked for me redesigning the app for the biggest animal rights conference. Shōkai came up with good solutions based on user research and insights. They communicated clearly the state of the project and I never had to micromanage Shōkai. They know how to manage clients, explain design decisions and chose design patterns. I highly recommend Shōkai as a UX designer and I hope I get the chance to bring them on my team someday.”