Helping creative change agents take their marketing to new heights

Marketing is most effective when it doesn’t feel like high-stakes guesswork or a mind-numbing slog.

Whether you’re a newly minted entrepreneur, looking to make a pivot, or simply seeking an accountability buddy, coaching can offer a fresh perspective to help you achieve your marketing goals. With more than 16 years of experience marketing a wide variety of products, services, and causes, I can help you develop an agile and bespoke marketing strategy. Together, we will develop a framework that will allow you to sustain momentum with marketing skills you never knew you had.

We’ll focus on the following skill-building activities:

  • Prioritizing your marketing goals
  • Analyzing your competitors and your competitive advantage
  • Learning about your customers’ needs and pain points
  • Iterating on your strategy
  • Deepening your knowledge of your market


$125–145 per 60-minute session (5-session minimum). Includes a FREE 30-minute information session.