Fine art | Painting and drawing

Examining lingering lineages through paint and pencil

Why I love painting and drawing

I reflect. I investigate. I map. I iterate. I form connections and relationships. And then I tell the story of how it all comes together. 

The themes of authenticity, history, and legacy — both in the positive and negative sense of these words — appear frequently in my artwork. Memory being the frail thing that it is, I’m interested in the ways that stories can be reclaimed or recast. 

When we remember an event, are we lying to ourselves? And what of irksome tendency to build our identities on the shifting ground of memory? 

Airloom.space is the container that I’ve stored all of these ideas in — work that I hope will leave a positive legacy. It’s a way of documenting the mechanisms of storytelling that reproduce power, distort reality, and change the focus of life.