The Jewish Community Foundation—branding & foundation sales booklet

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What you value matters.

TheJewish Federation of the East Bay and the Jewish Community Foundation are two teams working together under one roof, serving as the charitable epicenter of the East Bay Jewish community.


Federation focuses on collective giving through its annual campaign and community engagement through its impact-grant process, whereas Foundation focuses on individual philanthropy through its various charitable giving funds.

The two organizations were cobranded to highlight their shared missions of building and sustaining the Jewish community. Over time, this cobranding worked, and the two organizations became interchangeable.

However, this unity gave rise to a challenge for Foundation — how to distinguish its philanthropic services within the market while remaining consistent with the brand.


Working with the Oakland-based creative agency, Great Monday, I created a sub-brand for Foundation, which included brand guidelines, key messaging, a promotional booklet, and an office display. We developed a concept based on “investing in shared [Jewish] values,” and “What do you value?” became our key message as well as our leading question in engaging prospective fundholders.

Creative Team

Creative direction & project management: Shōkai Sinclair
Brand strategy: Great Monday
Graphic design: Shelby Jones
Photography: Marcus Photography

Project details: