TransForm—20th anniversary campaign

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Anniversary logo TransForm-ations

TransForm launched an online marketing and engagement campaign to mark their 20th anniversary, and they wanted a design that would build on existing their brand style. They wanted the design solution to incorporate animation.

TransForm's 20th anniversary animated gif

Airloom developed an animated gif that would suggest multiple meanings of the word “movement” that related to TransForm’s urban planning and policy mission (transportation, politics, and progress) and could be used as a header.

TransForm Twitter profile mockup

We developed a second design to be used in instances where an animation could not. The concept was inspired by the pedestrian scramble—a crossing system for used at the busiest intersections, which allows pedestrians to cross an intersection in every direction at once.

Project details:
  • Client: TransForm
  • Project Started: January 15, 2017
  • Completed on: February 3, 2017
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